We will arrive in Cyprus in a few days, the place which hosted a war, in the early 1900’s , from which both my Grandfathers fled.

They dodged the draft and the never-ending war with the Turks over lovely Cyprus, Island of Aphrodite, and went to America to find fortune.

Instead, the American RailRoads found them and took them high into the Rockies to lay rail, living in Rented Company Tents, buying food from the company train…but at least not shot by Turks.

And now we are going back:  the great-grandson lives there already…we are going for R & R and a look around….and the Turks are quite now, being busy on the mainland with Syrians and not so eager to fight their partners in the EU.

Funny.  All those dead Greeks and Turks….I shall look out for their ghosts.

Singing for my Supper


The fact is, oh best beloved, that I am still in the position of having to ‘sing for my supper’. Of late, that is all I have been doing…not so much because I have to work ‘day and night’ but more because I am ….sequestered. Not, like Lord Cheney, quite…but in a semi-undisclosed location….and with not much else going on.

Be that as it may, I am doing well….have been working out, swimming in the nice, refurbished pool, running a bit and generally improving myself. I WILL be going back into the community soon to visit with the Chiefs and Elders….I don’t know where we get the Schnapps, but I am sure my guides will have two bottle for them.

I will try to take more pictures, especially of the people….they are very gregarious (or at least they tend to swarm around me a bit) and should not mind….then a bit of a look at the villages….and you will begin to see what I have been talking about….so it should be interesting.

For now, my primary function is completed and we have moved into another phase; all my Team-mates and boss will arrive on site Monday….and we will see where we end up with our involvement in the Energy Project…..then, on the 29th of March I return to my seat on a KLM airliner, Business Class (funny that the luxury seats are in the front, which is the LEAST survivable place on the plane)…but it is really nice to be allowed into the airport inner sanctums…free food, free great coffee, free wine, free chocolate…and best of all, a shower !

I will be trying to get a cab into the cities where I lay over…so a bit of stuff on Amsterdam, etc might happen too.

And. I return to Africa April 14, with yet another shift in my work, so I may even be able to get out into the High Veldt, the Lower Veldt and even the Middle Veldt with some of my new friends !

Best to all of you.




City Council meeting at the Limpopo River.  These good people spoke English. They also like Schnapps….as did the River Gods.




Offering a stiff one to the River Gods to ask blessing on my intentions.




My favorite African tree….I need someone to tell me it’s ok to bring this to Washington State….it looks like a non-invasive species to me !



This is the local version of texting while driving…..he really is texting….I checked.  If you think this is something, wait till

I can get a shot of the women carrying trees on their heads…amazing.


More photos later….for now…..nap-time….then dinner, then more work…then nap time….

PS….I got invited to play tennis…my plan is working….look out Terry !   


Pictures of dinner (Bruni…or white guy) and ‘local’ dinner (which they won’t even let us Brunis try)….coming later….



Heeeeere’s Jimmy

Always wanted to do that….!

It is a Holiday here, which means lots of Soccer games at the field a hundred yards from my office door.  The locals are restless.

For us, it is a new day:  I have made the blog private (except for some other blogger that snuck in somehow….I will weed him out)….so I can give you all more of a clear picture of the Africa I see.

My job here is very delicate, can be somewhat political;  I need to be circumspect and have the utmost respect for all parties privacy, etc….so not much about the old nine-to-five (or in my case, the old five-to-nine).   But….my job is boring to anyone not doing it anyway….exciting for me….thrill a minute !  But not so much for other people.

I have to figure out how to get the photos on here easily, to make it more true….and to share the stunning beauty that is Africa and Africans.  Maybe shocking and stunning.  You will see.

That’s it for now, just kind of a notice….your number has been pared down to a very few;  those who I think will both appreciate the Grand Tour and those who can understand my position re the old Five-To-Nine job.

Talk again soon.  Miss you all.